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Master Facebook’s new feed with EdgeRank

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Seems like as soon as Facebook users get used to a new look and layout, they go and switch it up again. While feedback to the new design is mixed, it’s looking like EdgeRank is going to be more critical than ever to get your posts to hit your fans’ Top Story space.

What’s EdgeRank? It’s the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine where your posts display on individual user’s news feeds. The more relevant your posts, and the more the user and his or her friends interact with your page, the higher the EdgeRank – and the better the chance that your post will show up as a Top Story rather than in the mix of other updates a Facebook user sees as they scroll down the page.…

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3 Quick Tips for more Twitter and Facebook Engagement

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Stuck for ideas on what to post on your social media? Here’s three quick things you can do to maximize the potential for interaction and user engagement!

1. Ask Questions!

Post a simple, relevant question to your industry or fanbase. This could be as basic as:

Q: What’s your favorite thing about ______?

Make it about your fans – for example, if you work in wedding planning, ask:

Q: What is the best part of going to a wedding?

Not only are you encouraging fans to talk with you and each other about their experience at weddings, but you’re getting insight into your market base and what will make a wedding plan successful for the guests!

2. Talk about the news (and ask questions about it, too!)

Something big happening in your industry or community?…

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