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Marketing Monday: Halloween Edition

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As Halloween is quickly approaching, you may or may not let your employees dress up for the day, the week, or even the entire month of October. But there are other marketing tactics that can be considered useful, depending on the nature of your business and the clients that you interact with on a day-to-day basis. Although these marketing methods are Halloween-specific, paired with the right colors and fonts, they can be used for virtually any upcoming holiday.

1. Update your current brand with holiday-specific images. By simply adding a Jack O’ Lantern or ghost to your logo, your brand will get a facelift that your customers will love.

2. Host an event. Health and fitness is a growing interest to the public, and by hosting or sponsoring a Halloween-themed event (i.e.…

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Three ways your brand is more than just your logo

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Satellite Six Logo Design - Eau Claire, WIA brand is just a logo – isn’t it?

Not at all!

Branding is effective because there’s so much more to it than simply your logo. Combined with great marketing, a powerful brand can differentiate you from your competitors and kick your perceived value up dramatically, to the point where consumers see you as the answer for your industry’s need.

Here are three key elements that play into how people perceive your brand:

Visual Identity & Personality

Do you look the part? Are you authentic in your looks and message in a way that’s meaningful to your core audience? When developing your visual identity, if elements look like they don’t quite fit or match the expectations of your audience, you are reducing your opportunity for engagement with your brand.…

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