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How to Get the Most Out of Your Client Experience

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Recently advertising firm RPA (Rubin Postaer and Associates) teamed up with USA Today to conduct an anonymous survey of more than 140 advertising and brand marketing agencies. The survey was conducted in order to gain a better understanding of the agency-client relationship, and that’s exactly what they received. The response to their very first question, “Which of these leads to the best advertising?” was especially eye-opening, with 98% of clients and 98% of agencies in agreement:

Clients trusting their agencies was the most important factor when it comes to creating the best advertising. 

Preserving a strong agency-client relationship can be a delicate process, especially so since it includes the development trust. Trust can be defined on the reliance of integrity, strength, and ability of a person or thing, and it can be achieved through basic two-way communication models and best practices.

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