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#MondayMaterial: Top 5 Branding Articles for the Week of June 13th

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What’s currently happening in the world of branding, you ask? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite articles that include branding-related topics from the past few weeks. Happy reading!

Here’s a look at our recent roundup:

Budweiser Renames Its Beer “America”
Have you heard the news? The well-known domestic beer, Budweiser, is updating its cans and bottles this summer in the U.S. to read “America”, and will run this patriotic campaign through the November election. Although it may seem like a simple update, check out the article to see how much fine-detailing went into the 7 month rebrand.

The Science Behind Brands’ Colors
You’ve probably heard that different colors are associated with various feelings and emotions, but did you know that there’s an actual science behind brands using particular colors in their logo and identity?…

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