October 2016 - Satellite Six

The Power of Frameworks

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Imagine this: You are fishing for your first time. You have a hook, a worm, and not much else planned out. It’s just going to be you, the line, and the shore. After a couple times of doing this, you might start bringing extra tools along, such as a net, extra bait, and maybe even a chair. Before you know it, you are almost bringing your entire house with you.

Frameworks are similar in the sense that you don’t need to bring the entire house with you. You do, however, want the extra benefit of a net and a chair.

Frameworks can be defined as a collection of standardized rules, functions, and concepts that can be reused. These are great, as they provide a streamlined way of providing tools, along with making the process of building a functional website quicker.…

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Spooky Things Happen When You Do Not Backup Your Website!

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You are sitting there on a cool October night, and the next thing you know… your website is attacked, and it goes down because the invaders deleted important files. But have no fear, because BackupBuddy is here!

BackupBuddy is a plugin that is super useful for backup in case the unlikely is to happen, be it through malicious attacks, a error that might have happened in code, or an untested plugin that could bring down your website. Today, we will run through how to set up a reliable backup with BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy is a paid plugin that is also part of the iThemes suite of plugins, and comes with every website we build.


Before we make a backup, we like to make sure to exclude any files that should not be inside of the backup: any development files that have sensitive information or other tools like node_modules, because they simply don’t belong & take up unecessary space.  …

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