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AdWords Ad Copy: Best Practices

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Ah, the mysterious world of Google AdWords.

Frightening first initial thoughts of setting up and managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign aside, there are a number of incredible benefits to using a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform, which include driving traffic to your website, growing your email list, and more importantly, increasing sales. That being said, there are a few best practices when it comes to writing your AdWords copy that gives you the best possible chance of PPC success.

The Basics

If you’re new to AdWords, understanding what your ad will consist of is the first step in conquering the SEM platform. Your ad will look a little something like this:

  • Headline 1: 30 characters
  • Headline 2: 30 characters
  • Display URL/Path: 30 characters
  • Description: 80 characters
  • Final URL


The headlines may very well be the most important part of your ad.…

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Say ‘Bai’ to Build-Your-Own-Websites

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By now you’ve probably seen or heard mention of the crowd-favorite Super Bowl commercial for Bai, read your social media feeds’ opinions of the political car ads, or even had enough of the various cell phone companies attempting to top each others’ ads as if it’s enough to make you want to switch providers. If the ending of Super Bowl LI wasn’t crazy enough, at least Lady Gaga’s half time show made up for the lack of funny commercials this year. Surprisingly, there seemed to be a rise of advertising for build-your-own website platforms.

From Squarespace and Wix to the online giant, GoDaddy, the tools that claim to help build your online presence seem to be increasingly popular on Super Bowl Sunday.…

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