Ongoing Marketing Management?

With Satellite Six

We partner with businesses to help grow their business through marketing management.

Plug-In Marketing Department

We can act as a plug-in marketing department for your business. As an ongoing partner, we will bring you in for quarterly marketing management meetings, determine upcoming campaigns, and launch cross-media promotions. Building off your existing brand, your new marketing efforts will be prevalent to new consumers and will not be lost to current clients.

Managed Marketing

We offer marketing management services that will help with ongoing marketing efforts and larger cross-media campaigns as well! We’ve got you covered, from marketing & design, to regular meetings & strategy development, our team will ensure that your business has optimum potential to grow and succeed.

Grow Your Business

We will work with your business as an ongoing marketing partner to help grow your business through marketing management services. From full advertising campaigns to online marketing opportunities, we will make sure that your business is receiving the attention it deserves, along with the return on investment that your business desires.


Web Marketing

We work with you to update your content or write new content to keep your rankings on search engines high & consistent.

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Free Consultation

Let’s talk, on us! We offer a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss your current marketing & website design plan and what Satellite Six can do to assist you with your project. No obligation. Just brainstorming!

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