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Audience: The Core of Every Great Brand

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For many businesses, brand isn’t a priority. In some cases, the concept of brand and what it can do is too abstract to be of use. For them a brand is simply something that “is,” reflecting the sum total of their product, their customer experience, and the messaging and visuals that have been put in the marketplace. These businesses often struggle to find connections with an audience, and eventually fade into a sea of lookalike competitors, fighting to show what makes them different from every other similar business in the eyes of the consumer.

Successful business, therefore, realize that the customer experience and perceptions can be tightly controlled and planned in such a way that their brand is seen as a different choice, or even the only correct choice for their customer base.…

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Understanding Brand: Why Rebrand

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Branding is an ambiguous concept and so many companies don’t quite understand what it is, and why it is so critical to success. In my estimation, 9 out of 10 clients come to us first because they believe something to be broken in their marketing system. Something is out of alignment, and they’re not sure what it is – but our conversations usually focus around something very tangible, such as “my website stinks.” Often times, however, there is something going on in the bigger picture that is hard to identify when you are so close to your own business. Here are the 3 most common situations in which companies can benefit from rebranding.

Internal Transition

An internal transition is one reason organizations should consider a rebrand.…

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7 Keys to Digital Marketing in 2017

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It’s time to look ahead for your business’s marketing efforts. After years of rapid growth, 2016 was the year digital marketing spending finally passed TV and more traditional marketing approaches. The benefits are well-known; not only is it where more and more audiences are consuming content and spending time, but it’s an entirely trackable, metrics-driven way to ensure that ad spend is efficient and performing correctly.

In fact, thinking about how users will engage with your content across the variety of platforms will be key to successful brand marketing in 2017. Planning your digital strategy, and how your online and offline systems work together will help you be more efficient and generate results in your marketing efforts.

With the start of the new year, it’s time to look at the 7 hottest trends shaping digital marketing right now, and how you can leverage these to make your business successful online.…

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Why Brand Design Matters

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Apple or Google? Ford, Chevy, Toyota, or Honda? Coke or Pepsi? Or Mountain Dew?

Every day, customers are making choices about the products and services to buy. Ask a user why they choose A vs B and she’ll tell you the logical reasons why A is superior – the specs are better, the technology is newer, and the product performs better log-term. But that’s just reason talking – below that logical final decision is a complex mix of emotional appeals and pulls – from social proof and what others are buying to the nuances about the look, feel, and language. The product or service fulfills a deeper need, and hooks with great design and messaging that resonates with the purchaser. It feels authentic to who that customer is and what she values.…

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Three ways your brand is more than just your logo

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Satellite Six Logo Design - Eau Claire, WIA brand is just a logo – isn’t it?

Not at all!

Branding is effective because there’s so much more to it than simply your logo. Combined with great marketing, a powerful brand can differentiate you from your competitors and kick your perceived value up dramatically, to the point where consumers see you as the answer for your industry’s need.

Here are three key elements that play into how people perceive your brand:

Visual Identity & Personality

Do you look the part? Are you authentic in your looks and message in a way that’s meaningful to your core audience? When developing your visual identity, if elements look like they don’t quite fit or match the expectations of your audience, you are reducing your opportunity for engagement with your brand.…

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Brand Marketing: It’s all about the “Pre-Sell”

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You’ve got the business off the ground! Your service is starting to get attention. Things are going nicely until suddenly… you plateau! Your current customers love you, but you can’t seem to continue to reach new prospects. Or worse yet, the new prospects you are reaching treat you just like everyone else in your industry – evaluating you not on the quality you provide or the different service level you offer, but on price alone. Here’s where your brand comes in.

Branding Defines What You Are

Your brand is there to give your company a voice, a look, a feel, and an experience for your customers that they can’t get anywhere else. A brand is the sum total experience with a company, from the attitude it projects down to the promise it delivers on each and every time.…

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The Single Best Way to Kickstart Your Marketing!

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Are your marketing efforts stagnating or non-existent? You’re not alone. Thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses have no marketing plan. The opportunities can be endless and puzzling, especially if you’re concerned about getting an immediate return on investment. And if you’re running the business, you likely have almost no time to devote to execution.

When I meet new clients who have been doing without marketing for a while, and they’re looking for a way back in, the question I hear without fail is:

Where do I start?

Where do you start? What steps can you take to get your marketing efforts going again? A good deal of marketing is momentum, and if you try to do everything at once, there’s the potential you’ll be facing overwhelming time or budgetary commitments.…

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Your Brand is an Ecosystem

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Your brand is how you represent and position yourself to your customers and staff. Your brand is how your customers perceive you and the values you express implicitly and explicitly. Your brand is everything from how you look to the experience you provide. It’s an ecosystem – living elements that work together to thrive or fail.

The Look

There’s no getting around it: the look is important. You’ve got to have the look in order to validate your business with your audience, and to help them feel like they’re receiving an authentic experience. When you build your brand’s visual identity, you’re working to code in attitudes, interests, and values that you hold in subtle ways that add up to what your brand stands for.…

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Should your company be on Facebook?

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Small business or large corporation, it doesn’t matter. There’s something you can do with social media, especially Facebook. It’s not just for kids hanging out. It’s evolved into a mass communications platform based around sharing and discovery. Think of it as a person-to-person voice where your company can micro-broadcast conversations with fans, prospects, and customers on a very personal level.

Understanding Communications

Before we dive in to what Facebook is all about, let’s talk a little bit about communications theory. First, let’s look at a (much simplified) model of what communications is.


Communications at a basic level. For sake of getting to the point, we’re going to ignore other elements like encoding, noise, medium, etc., as well as several other great communications models, but you can learn a lot more here if you’re really interested.

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Master Facebook’s new feed with EdgeRank

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Seems like as soon as Facebook users get used to a new look and layout, they go and switch it up again. While feedback to the new design is mixed, it’s looking like EdgeRank is going to be more critical than ever to get your posts to hit your fans’ Top Story space.

What’s EdgeRank? It’s the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine where your posts display on individual user’s news feeds. The more relevant your posts, and the more the user and his or her friends interact with your page, the higher the EdgeRank – and the better the chance that your post will show up as a Top Story rather than in the mix of other updates a Facebook user sees as they scroll down the page.…

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