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Developing attitudes and visuals that engage your audience.


Mood Board Brand Development

A “mood board” is a way to develop a visual interpretation for communicating the values, attitudes, look and feel of your project or brand. At the core, it’s a collage of images, text, typography, shapes, icons, colors, and more – all to set the tone for the visual direction of your company’s brand.

We often start with a mood board as part of the brand development process when taking on a new branding project. This allows both us and the client to understand what we’re “going for” in a very literal sense. It can also serve as an anchor for the brand’s visual identity.

Style Guide

A Style Guide is a booklet for internal/corporate use to dictate common typography, usage, messaging, icons, and other elements in a more concrete way than a mood board. This also helps to guide proper logo usage, define exact colors, and serve as a “how to” document for any designers working on your brand.

Detailed Brand Development Documentation

Additional brand documentation is available, including Concepting, often done along with Mood Boarding, lays foundations as a write-up for attitude, style, brand idea, and brand goals; Naming Conventions, which define names for programs, things, ideas, elements, locations and more for a brand; and Existing Brand write-ups, if instead of a makeover, your current brand is simply in need of documentation of some of the elements and ideas.

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