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5 Characteristics of a Successful Logo Design

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Designing a successful logo is a task many people value the importance of but usually take for granted due to its complexity. Building a respectable, memorable, and properly functioning logo is like linking train cars within a locomotive to get to the end destination. If one car link is broken, the remaining cars behind will get left in the dust. The cars ahead will race off into the distance without the goods from the latter. Each part of a train needs to be connected to ensure the overall success of getting to the end destination. Similarly, if one part of the logo disconnects, it will fail in its end goal to appropriately convey a brand as a whole.

We’ve put together 5 characteristics that will ensure the end destination of a logo is successful:


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Why Satellite Six’s Logo Is Not The Milwaukee Brewer’s Logo

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Baseball season is upon us, and everyone’s mind is either on the Minnesota Twins or the Milwaukee Brewers (unless you jumped on the Cubs bandwagon last season). Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you have most likely been exposed to the area’s beloved teams and this may surprise you–Owner and Creative Director, Ben, was born and raised a Red Sox fan. Why is this relevant? Because we’re here to debunk the myth that the Satellite Six is actually the Brewers logo.

Time and time again we hear the question, “Did you know that your logo looks a lot like the Brewers’ logo?” Our answer, “Yes, we’ve heard this before. But no, it’s not the Brewers’ logo,” and here’s why:

It’s actually not the brewers logo.…

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Satellite Six Recognized for 3 Web Design Awards by GDUSA

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Eau Claire based Brand and Web Design company, Satellite Six, has earned recognition by a leading national industry publication, GDUSA, for three of their recent Website Design projects: CleanWorks Carpet Cleaning and Restoration; Marge McFarlane; and Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.

Each year Graphic Design USA, a leading graphic design publication, holds award competitions to allow for firms to enter their top website design projects for voting. These competitions are held in order to inspire and enhance creative agencies’ awareness of great website design around the country. Our team is excited and honored to have graciously received recognition for three website design projects from our past year’s work.

One of our more recent launches was CleanWorks Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.…

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Top 10 Design Trends In 2016

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Design trends change rapidly, and as web designers, it’s helpful to know what the current and upcoming trends are so you can stay ahead of the competition and exceed client expectations. Now that we’re officially four months into 2016, we are excited to share the latest modern design trends with you! Although it was hard to narrow them down, here are the top 10 most popular design trends so far this year:

10. Tiny Text
As we all know, content is essential for a great website and exceptional user experience. Do you want your viewers to get bored quickly and leave your website after reading minimal, straight-to-the-point, large text? Of course not! Tiny text is taking the world by storm this year, and it also allows you to fit more information than ever onto one page.…

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Eau Claire Startup Weekend Success Story

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Eau Claire Startup Weekend is a weekend-long, marathon event where entrepreneurs can go to learn the basics of founding a startup business & launching successful ventures. As an entrepreneur himself, Owner and Creative Director of Satellite Six, Ben Stroinski, was honored to have been a part of the Eau Claire Startup Weekend in October of this year. Ben donated his time to the Startup Weekend as a Coach and Mentor, described by attendees as one of the most valuable features of the entire weekend. Ben worked one-on-one with the teams to give invaluable advice towards developing their business. Satellite Six was also an official sponsor of Startup Weekend, donating a logo design to the winning team.

As with any successful business, it all starts with an idea….

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Freedom Through Limitation

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Setting Expectations and Limitations in a Design Brief

Successful design implementation is about the whole, not the parts. If you wear a $2,000 suit with the wrong pair of shoes, you’ll be remembered for the shoes and not the suit. Inconsistency raises doubt, and doubt makes people wary.  Successful design means doing a few things really, really well.

The Apple logo doesn’t single handedly make the brand successful. Apple is successful because it engages and behaves consistently with its users across all channels of its brand ecosystem to earn both their attention and participation through experiences. In order to attain that consistency a brand must begin by setting expectations and constraints.

Brand expectations and limitations are set in a design brief.…

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UI/UX: Is it Important to Identity/Branding?

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What is UI/UX?

In the mobile and web development world, UI/UX stands for User Interaction and User Experience.

Clear as mud?

Let’s simplify it down to their basic functions: For example, when a person is on a website or a mobile application and wants to view a photo of a product they are interested in buying, they will most likely have to click on the image they want to view. That specific click to view the photo is the “user’s interaction” within the website or app. What happens before, during, and after the user’s click interaction is what is described as the “user’s experience.” So, when a person clicks the photo (the user interaction) and that photo becomes larger to allow for easier viewing (the user experience), the user has successfully experienced UI/UX.…

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Why Brand Design Matters

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Apple or Google? Ford, Chevy, Toyota, or Honda? Coke or Pepsi? Or Mountain Dew?

Every day, customers are making choices about the products and services to buy. Ask a user why they choose A vs B and she’ll tell you the logical reasons why A is superior – the specs are better, the technology is newer, and the product performs better log-term. But that’s just reason talking – below that logical final decision is a complex mix of emotional appeals and pulls – from social proof and what others are buying to the nuances about the look, feel, and language. The product or service fulfills a deeper need, and hooks with great design and messaging that resonates with the purchaser. It feels authentic to who that customer is and what she values.…

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2014 Year In Review

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As 2014 comes to a close, it is with a full heart that the staff at Satellite Six would like to thank all of you for believing in us, encouraging us, and partnering with us throughout the past year and beyond. We absolutely could not have done any of this alone, and we sincerely appreciate every ounce of advice, direction, or referral that has been given to us. Since December of last year, our staff has grown by three new employees, and we see potential for even more growth in the New Year.

Building Our Portfolio

Throughout the past year, we have had the wonderful opportunity to work with many amazing clients. We have had the pleasure of redesigning the Hoeft Builders brand and website, developing a completely new website design and donation system for the Eau Claire Community Foundation and Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation, and designing the brand and marketing materials for the highly successful Gatsby’s Gala, developed by Eau Claire Jazz, Inc and UW-Eau Claire Jazz Studies.…

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Do more with your website forms

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Want to get more people filling out forms on your website? Make them fast and easy for a user to fill out. I’ve worked with clients who have contact forms asking for dozens of pieces of information rather than only the necessary to start connecting with a customer. The most successful forms are always the ones that try to generate quick leads rather than conversions. When a visitor is presented with a long form asking for their name, email, phone, address, website URL, details about a project, and other personal information, he’ll look at the form as something that will take too long to fill out. Or worse, he’ll start to fill out the form, and leave the page halfway through because it’s asking for more than he’s willing to provide.…

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