Graphic Design & Illustration

From Satellite Six

Visual consistency is the key to a strong brand.

Your brand’s visuals come to life in your materials. You need a partner who can maintain consistency and develop an overall vision for how the brand should look. We help achieve this through custom graphic design or illustration services, whether it’s logo design, illustrating actual products, t-shirts, or designing other unique designs. Our graphic design services also include print ads, brochures, flyers/handouts, POP/Event Signage, and other products that carry the consistency of your company’s visuals and message.

Whether you’re starting a company or in the process of rebranding, Satellite Six can help. Located in Eau Claire, WI, we’ll work to understand your market (even if it’s not in Wisconsin!) and design the visual elements of the business to best reach your customers. If you’re rebranding, we guarantee our graphic design services will preserve your company’s brand equity, so it isn’t lost to your customers.

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Capture more market share with a message and brand designed for your audience.

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Characters & Mascots

We’ve designed a multitude of characters and mascots, from corporate businesses to local universities. Find out how a character or mascot could help boost your business and marketing efforts.

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Infographics and Brochures

Share data with employees or clients in an interesting and visual way! We can help represent important statistics, dry corporate information, and more through fun and on-brand infographics and brochures.

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Ads, Flyers, Signs, and Banners

We handle design of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a simple flyer or an intricate invitation designed, all the way up to banners and trade show booth elements, we get the job done.

Product Illustration

Have a product that’s challenging to photograph? We offer product illustration, where we take your product and create an illustration. From photo-realistic to simple and iconic – a great alternative for packaging!

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