Get your Free Graphic Design Consultation

Thinking about working with us? That’s awesome!

Here’s what you need to know:

How much will it cost?

We think you’ll find our prices quite reasonable for first-rate graphic design services and marketing work. “Average” simply isn’t in our wheelhouse. We are all about putting together a fantastic end product for you, and making sure you get a great result–no matter your budget.

You’ll see we ask below about an approximate budget, but if you ask our past clients, they’ll tell you we don’t change our prices based on what you have available to invest. In fact, we ask because it helps us focus on what graphic design services are most important to get into the final product.

What should I expect?

Come to our half-hour, FREE consultation, prepared to talk about your business and project idea. We’ll brainstorm ideas with you about the graphic design or illustration. We want to learn everything about what you want to put together, how it will help your company and brand, and what we are able to do to make your vision a reality.

Our process after this is to put together a proposal for how we’ll go about building your unique project. But we’re not done learning – after we’re ready to move forward with the project, we’ll want to learn everything you know about the current market, your audience, and your competition. (We will even go out and do additional research as part of the process if you’d like us to!)

From there we’ll introduce you to which graphic design services we will be able to provide and our production process and get to the business of making your vision real.

Our Goal

Our goal at Satellite Six is to treat each individual project like an investment in the sales, marketing, and communications of your business. We work hard to make you not only look good, but to provide you with a tool that helps further engage your customers and meets your communication goals. If that’s a sentiment you can get behind, we’ll be a great fit.

  • We usually call within a few business hours of your email.
  • Still thinking of one? That's great, we can help with that too.
  • Tell us as much as you can, especially the goals you have for the project, when you might need something completed, about your competition, and anything else you think is important or relevant for us to know!
  • Let us know approximately your budget to build this project. We don't set prices based on your budget.