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Love your website design, but hate the idea of starting from scratch?

Did you know? In many cases we actually take an existing site and hook in different platforms and applications to allow you to control hosting and manage content on your own or in partnership with Satellite Six. If done along with updating the look of your brand or a minor redesign, many elements of your existing website design can likely be brought over to a new self-hosted site.

That’s too technical. Why should I consider this?

Here are some great reasons why switching to an open-source, self-hosted platform may be a good fit for you:
– If you love your existing site but wish it was easier to add new things to it, or want to add applications that your current provider doesn’t support? We can move you to a platform that makes sense for you, and make a website to make it easier to update content.
– Cost-savings can be a big factor. Usually self-hosted, small business websites average $10-15/month for hosting, and we can add low-cost maintenance bundles if you want to make sure someone with a technical background is keeping an eye on your site. Our platform offers a long-term lower cost-to-own.
– Static sites, or websites that require someone who knows HTML, CSS, PHP and other languages to update page-by-page are great candidates to be converted onto our platform.
– Flexibility is another great reason to switch to our platform. We use a platform that more than 20% of all sites on the internet use, so there are many pre-built applications and utilities that can add features to your site, while we make a website design for you, without breaking the bank.

Website Migration doesn’t work for everyone.

Unfortunately not every website design or every function can be migrated. Many times sites that were created using popular subscription sitebuilder tools can’t be easily migrated, or rely on templates and code that require the original sitebuilder tool as their foundation. We can easily take a look under the hood and assess whether your current site is a good candidate for migration, if parts or content from your website design can be migrated, or if it would be best to make a website by starting from scratch.


Site Growth & Updates

We offer update packages perfect for the business that needs a little extra help each month to ensure your website design is current with news and changes in your company – and that all software is kept up-to-date.

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Let’s talk, on us! We offer a free 30-minute strategy session to discuss your current marketing & website design plan and what Satellite Six can do to assist you with your project. No obligation. Just brainstorming!

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