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The Cornerstone of Your Brand.

The cornerstone of your company and brand is your logo. This symbol serves as the iconic representation of all of the other messaging, visuals, attitudes, and ideas that your brand seeks to communicate to your audience. Because of this we pay special attention to encode message and authenticity in the graphic design process, by presenting several different prototypes throughout our logo design development process, as a way to discuss the communication goals with you.

Logo design is a process that differs from most graphic design. Rather than designing for one application or one medium, we take simplicity, memorability, and scalability very seriously. If the logo is too complex, uses too many colors, isn’t memorable, or doesn’t scale to different sizes very well, it will fall flat. After the graphic design process, our logos are provided to you in multiple formats and can be stretched to any size without becoming pixelated. We even optimize the files for both screen and print use!

Schedule a free consultation, either to meet at our studio in Eau Claire, or we can talk about the goals and visions you have for your logo design and your company as a whole. Looking to rebrand? We’re happy to discuss your previous method of logo design to see what didn’t work, and what we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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