Should You Join NFBA? 3 Factors You Need To Consider

The NFBA serves the post frame industry which is made up of many professionals including builders, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, building material dealers, code and design professionals and engineers.

They turn dreams and ideas into beautiful completed projects that will house businesses, organizations, animals, toys, and families for decades to come.

Post frame buildings offer great advantages in durability, versatility, and affordability over other forms of construction and the National Frame Builders Association (NFBA) is the trade association of frame builders and architects alike.

What is the NFBA?

The NFBA is a non-profit trade association that represents post frame builders, suppliers, and architects.

They represent and promote the interests of the post frame industry and their members by providing industry tools, code resources, education, access to technical and legal experts, builder accreditation programs, market updates, and networking opportunities.

Their online profiles can be found on the NFBA Facebook Page, NFBA LinkedIn Page, NFBA Instagram Page, NFBA Youtube Channel, and NFBA Twitter Feed.

NFBA programs

The NFBA seeks to grow the post frame industry by supporting NFBA members with a wide variety of benefits and advocating for industry initiatives.

NFBA Benefits

Becoming an NFBA member has benefits to both the member themself as well as to the post frame industry as a whole.

The main categories of benefits include:

1. Education Benefits

  • Educational opportunities
  • Resources on post frame advantages to share with prospective post frame customers
  • NFBA newsletter
  • Building code libraries available to members only
  • Library of technical documents detailing best practices
  • Discount on purchase of Construction Maestro cost-estimating software

2. Growth Benefits

  • Networking opportunities such as the Frame Building Expo
  • Growth opportunities such as the NFBA Marketing and Economic Summit
  • Discounts at the Frame Building Expo
  • Business referrals through the “Find a builder/designer/supplier” portal of the website
  • Chapter membership

3. Promotional & Advocacy Benefits

  • Business listing in the Frame Building News magazine
  • Use of the NFBA logo to promote credibility
  • NFBA accredited post builder program to display expertise and accreditation
  • Ability to get free access to technical and legal experts in the post frame industry
  • Free OSHA compliance guide for frame builders
  • Eligibility to participate in the Post Frame Advantage program to generate post frame business leads.

NFBA benefits

NFBA Pricing

The breakdown of NFBA membership is as follows:

Builder Membership: $475 – $3,300

For businesses who are involved in the construction, manufacturing, marketing, or distributing of post frame buildings (based on gross volume of business in millions):

0-1: $475/year
1-3: $700/year
3-6: $1,200/year
6-10: $2,000 /year
10+: $3,300/year

National Supplier Partner Membership: $1,625

For business who are involved in the manufacturing and supply of building components but aren’t selling building packages. This category applies to businesses that supply product in 7 states or more.

Regional Supplier Partner Membership: $1,325

For business who are involved in the manufacturing and supply of building components but aren’t selling building packages. This category applies to businesses that supply product in 6 states or less.

Building Material Dealer Partner: $570

For businesses involved in the sale or distribution of building materials for the post frame industry.

Design/Code Professional: $120

For businesses involved in building design, licensed professional engineers and architects, building inspection, or code development.

Academic: $100

For an individual who is primarily involved in an academic institution and has an interest in the post frame industry.

Associate: $325

For companies involved in other post frame industry services that are not mentioned above.

Statewide Listings: $100/each

List your business in each state that you serve and appear in the “Find a builder/designer/supplier” portion of the website and in the Frame Building News directory.

NFBA Gold Club Member: +50% of dues up to $500

For businesses, organizations, or individuals who contribute an additional 50% of their dues up to $500. Gold Club members are recognized with a gold logo at the Frame Building Expo, on their membership listing, and in the Frame Building News directory.

NFBA Frame Building Expo

The NFBA Frame Building Expo is the main event of the post frame industry. 2020 is the 53rd year of the expo and will include a wide variety of exhibitors from the post frame industry including builders, suppliers, architects, manufacturers, and more.

The frame building expo is a great resource for educational seminars, learning the latest advancements in the post frame industry and networking with industry partners.

frame building expo

The 2020 NFBA Frame Building Expo will be Feb 26-28, 2020 at the Hilton Des Moines in Des Moines, Iowa.

2018 Frame Building Expo Video

NFBA Marketing & Economic Summit

The NFBA Marketing and Economic Summit occurs every other year. It is an event for the post frame industry to provide an economic outlook and tools to improve business operations and marketing.

It is a 2-day event and is scheduled to take place again in 2021.

What Does an NFBA Membership Support?

The NFBA is your voice to support the post frame industry. For those involved in post frame building, supply, distribution, or planning, it supports a healthy industry in many ways.

An NFBA membership supports multi faceted resources for industry stakeholders including code resources and legal resources.

post frame building

It also builds stronger post frame partnerships by encouraging network at events like the National Frame Building Expo and other initiatives.

Another major project that an NFBA membership supports is the Post Frame Market Initiative. The Post Frame Market Initiative works to expand the use of post frame construction in the low-rise light commercial industry.

Will a NFBA Membership Deliver Savings to Your Post Frame Business?

An NFBA membership can deliver important savings to your post frame business. Here are a few examples.

  • NFBA members get a discount to attend the NFBA Frame Building Expo, rent exhibit space, and attend educational seminars.
  • NFBA members have access to free code libraries to aid post frame planning and construction.
  • NFBA members receive free shipping and handling on all NFBA related tools and resources.
  • NFBA members get access to free technical and legal resources through frame building partnerships in order to support business and legal operations.

Should You Join The NFBA?

The NFBA is a valuable association for both individual organizations and for the post frame industry as a whole.

Membership provides a voice in your industry as well as a stronger industry through resource development, partnership development, events, and exclusive access to professional services.

If your business operates in the post frame industry, you should consider joining the NFBA today.

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