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2020 Manufacturing Marketing Annual Trends Guide

Marketing tactics are changing. These are the 5 trends to pay attention to for manufacturing market growth.

Website Checklist

Website giving you headaches? Streamline your website with our quick and proven website checklist.

Customer Avatar

Use this Customer Avatar Guide to pinpoint your audience to make your brand resonate and dominate your competition.

5 Blog Posts Your Brand Can Publish Right Now

Grow your audience with our blogging cheat sheet. Step-by-step guide to writing 5 posts in 20 minutes or less.

Double Your Website Leads in 30 Days

Turn your website into a lead generating machine. 4 steps you can take in 30 days to improve conversions.

10 Biggest Website Mistakes

Bad websites ruin great marketing strategies. This eBook shows you the 10 biggest website mistakes and how to quickly fix them.

Your Copywriting Suck? 4 Steps to Copywriting Impact

Your messaging matters to your customers. This guide gives you simple changes to engage more customers with stronger content.

3 Copy & Paste Emails for Instant Relationship Building

Use this 3-email template to automate your email nurturing. Customize these free emails to fit your customers.



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How Volume One Just Shifted Content To Help Our Community Get Through COVID-19

Volume One just recently relaunched their home page and called it Pulling Together While Staying Apart in an effort to ‘connect the Chippewa Valley through the COVID-19 epidemic’. Replacing their typical coverage of local news, events, arts, restaurants, and culture is a website completely dedicated to resources, ideas, and collaborations to help Chippewa Valley residents…

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5 Eau Claire Nonprofit & Public Sector Rebrands That ROCK

Using brand affinity as a tool for growth isn’t just for the for-profit private sector. Developing a brand that resonates with an audience is at the core of organizational momentum and long term relevance in any industry. Take the 5 below brand nonprofit and public brands for example. Each has a different audience, a different…

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UWEC Has 4 Logos: Here’s Where They Use Each One

Modern organizations have logo sets that can be placed in a variety of ways and represent different facets within a cohesive brand. Different logo versions or multiple logos may be used as part of that brand strategy. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (UWEC) has several different visual representations of the university and it’s activities….

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