If you’ve been to our studio lately, you may have noticed a large number “10” above our front door. As a part of the U.S., Eau Claire, and Chippewa Falls Chambers of Commerce, #WeEmploy 10 bright, energetic, willing, and amazing individuals whom without, we wouldn’t be the business we are today. We strive everyday to produce awesome products and services for our clients and for ourselves. We do it for the community and for the nation. We don’t settle for less, because we’ve worked hard to get to where we are today.

Ben Stroinski is a small business owner and his number is “10”. That’s the 10 jobs he has created in the heart of the city that we all love. That’s the 10 people who come to work everyday to make awesome stuff. That’s the 10 people who eat, sleep, and consume positive energy from the work we produce. #WeEmploy to ensure the futures of our team, our company, and our country.

To join our growing team, please view our current career openings here: www.satellitesix.co/careers

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About Laura

Laura is the Creative Director and Owner of Satellite Six. Laura has been working professionally to develop brands and design websites since 2003, during which time she has been honored with numerous industry awards. Laura has a passion for working with businesses and organizations to create brands people love. Tweets @laurasbenjamin.

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